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On the east coast of Aji, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, there is a large studio where world-renowned sculptor, Masayuki Nagare, has been producing artwork since the late 1960s.  Nagare Studio is not only the museum holding through the hundreds of sculptures, but it is also his residence.  The building itself can be considered a work of art.  While overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, it has a fort-like appearance that makes it stand out from the scenery.

We have established the Nagare Foundation to promote art and culture and to contribute to revitalizing the community.  Through Nagare’s research and honor of creative and artistic activities, we hope to continue to preserve Nagare Studio indefinitely and to open it to the public.  With your great cooperation, the Nagare Foundation received public authorization on April 7, 2009.

While devoting ourselves to the preservation and public opening of Nagare Studio, we hope to reconsider the meaning of Nagare’s existence in the world of Japanese modern sculpture.  Nagare’s Samurai Spirit continue to send out the Japanese creativity to the Postwar United States.  He continues to make great strides in community promotion with his sculptures, acknowledging himself as a Chiho no suketto (task force for communities).

We would sincerely hope for your continuous support and guidance in the future.

Sachiko Okada, Chief Director, Nagare Foundation