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The Prologue to the Nagare Foundation

2005 Ikuo Kamata, Masatada Mure, Shosaku Murayama, Kazuhiko Okubo, Kosuke Nagami, Fumihiro Mii and Katsuya Matsuoka start to study the best way to permanently preserve the Nagare Studio. Every month they hold a meeting to study and discuss issues related to preserving the Nagare Studio.
2006 The goal of the members is organize the Nagare Foundation to increase the understanding and awareness of Nagare’s work and to promote the Nagare Studio.
2007 The seven original members form a private organization Sanukisakimori. Fumio Kawakita, former governor of Kagawa Prefecture becomes the chairman. They begin recruiting members and raising a fund for the foundation. In July and November, the Sanukisakimori holds its first recruitment event for new members at the Nagare Studio.
2008 The Sanukisakimori has 434 members and an endowment of JPY9,000,000. In December, it is decided that the Nagare Foundation will be officially incorporated.
2009 The Nagare Foundation received public authorization. The Foundation looks to move forward with new work that promote its goals and vision.