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On the eastern side of the Aji headlands in Kagawa Prefecture is the Nagare Studio. Here in Aji Masayuki Nagare has created his sculptures with the help of local stone workers since the late 1960s.With the Seto Inland Sea as background ,the Nagare Studio has the appearance of an unbreakable brick fortress which can also be recognized as art.
Through the hundreds of sculptures displayed inside, Nagae’s life itself is expressed.

The Nagare Foundation has been established to permanently preserved the Nagare Studio, to collect Nagare’s works and to keep them safely for the future. The Foundation also researches Nagare’s creative work process to gain an understanding of his distinguished work. The Foundation spreads interest in Japan’s sculpture scene to the world.

Public Purpose Mission

  1. Public opening of Nagare Studio and public exhibition of Masayuki Nagare’s art work.
  2. Supporting Masayuki Nagare exhibitions at public facilities; such as museums.
  3. Editing and publishing of
  4. Data collecting , arranging and public opening of Masayuki Nagare artwork database .
  5. Holding “Nagare Studio” seminars.
  6. Editing Nagare Foundation bulletins, PR magazines and Newsletters and managing and operating Nagare Foundation website.
  7. Research of Setouchi Art Consortium.